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ExploreOuting – India Travel Guide that you will always like to keep whenever you travel. Just like your personal travel guide, it takes care of all of your travel needs – right from the suggestion about where to travel as per your choice, information about nearby tourist attractions, booking a hotel prior to travel or at last minute nearby your current location, get an advice/help from nearby travellers, road conditions and updates, weather information and updates.

At the time of travelling, there are certain basic necessities that you may require like nearby Medical Shops, Petrol Pumps and ATM's. ExploreOuting brings all this information based on your location, so you don’t need to worry about you locating them.

It also helps in reaching out to nearby Police Station or Hospital in case of any Emergency. Like a personal travel adviser, it also reminds you about Safe Driving Tips.

Like a true travel guide, ExploreOuting wants you to just relax and enjoy your travel the way you want, leaving rest to it. ExploreOuting has made tie-ups with travel service providers so that you will get notification based information about the various activities that you can do like adventure sports, local art & craft, specially food items etc. Moreover you will also earn money while you read those messages.

ExploreOuting is also supported & endorsed by Ministry of Tourism for State of Uttarakhand and Rajasthan to explore Uttarakhand and Rajasthan Tourism.


Gabbit was founded with a vision to enable technology for travel industry and take quality-of-travel to a level where travellers can travel as per their own choice, requirements & wish, instead of getting restricted & bounded by limited available choices.
We are progressing towards our mission to create a location based system where three major pillars of travel & tourism industry (namely travellers, travel service providers and Government) come together, mutually help each other and have a Win-Win situation for everyone. Everyone interacts with the system which comes in the form of an handy & easy-to-use mobile app.

Using this system -

 - A traveller can interact with fellow travellers, a nearby service provider, or with a government agency in (Tourist offices, Guest Houses, Police, Hospital etc) as per its own choice and requirement.

 - A travel service provider can market and advertise its offerings and product to nearby travellers.

 - State Government can promote tourism to travellers (and also potential travellers) and help in safety & security of tourists.