Safe & Secure Char-Dham Yatra

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Safe & Secure Char-Dham Yatra

Introduction –  In last couple of months, many people have inquired about Char Dham Yatra in Uttarakhand (Badrinath, Kedarntah, Gangotri, Yamunotri) for year 2019. People like to inquire about how difficult or easy it is, weather, good places to to stay, queues at temple and for registration etc. But one of the common and major question – Is it Safe to go for Char Dham Yatra?

And below are few major reasons in people mind behind this question –

  • Memories of flash flood at Kedarnath in 2013
  • News & Media Reports about frequent disruption of Yatra
  • Hilly area, very tough & risky driving – narrow roads with deep trench on one side
  • Long trekking, Un-predictable Weather
  • High altitude, cold weather – not good for people who are not accustomed to cold weather
  • Mandatory registration for Yatra – Although it is for good purpose, but created a doubt in mind of few people
  • And couple of generic issues like getting help in vehicle breakdown, availability of good food etc

First of all I am really glad to hear “Is it Safe” question– because it means people are really concerned about the safety. Before I address these questions let us look back what happened in 2013

2013 Kedarnath Disaster – A combination of whatever could go wrong, went wrong –

  • Two extreme weather systems carrying extreme moisture merged (a rare phenomenon)– Convergence of the southwest monsoon trough and westerly disturbances, which led to the formation of dense clouds over the Uttarakhand
  • No system was available to send alert to thousands of tourists in time
  • No system was available to get information of tourist’s location, or how many tourists present in a specific region

Due to above reasons it resulted in a bigger disaster. But past is behind us and in last few years things have changed drastically, not only in terms of technology but also better infrastructure, co-ordination between various departments, communication with tourists, public address system, and much more.

Better & Improved System – 3-Point Harness System for Safety & Security of Tourists


Safe & Secure Char-Dham Yatra1. Well-Prepared Administration – Uttarakhand Government now has an integrated Disaster Management Group consisting of various departments including Police, State Disaster Relief Force (SDRF), Weather, Border Road Organization (BRO), District Magistrate (DM) Offices, Paramedics (108 Ambulance Services), Tourism and “Explore Outing” Information, alerts, warnings are sent to everyone in the group, and respective team act accordingly. If required, helicopter services are also available for quick relief.

This provides pro-active & better prepared administration, timely information flow and quick action whenever required.

2. Information to Tourists – This is where Explore Outing helps. Explore Outing – being a part of this important group – receives information. It uses technology to send out information relevant to tourists on the app as notifications. Download any of the following app from “Explore Outing” family –

  1. GMVN App
  2. Explore Outing App
  3. Uttarakhand Tourism App (from Gabbit Systems)

You will get all the information, alerts, warnings about weather, road status updates (blocked / open), safe driving tips,

With its unique “Travel Forum” feature, you can also ask questions & guidance, provide answers to others. This helps everyone.


3. Helping Tourist in Case of Emergency – Whenever anyone is stuck in emergency – whether it is individual emergency, mass emergency, medical emergency, vehicle breakdown or anything else- providing timely help is the major key. To provide timely help, three things are needed –

  1. Location of the place where help is needed. This is true in case of individual emergency
  2. Number of people at a location. This is true in case of mass emergency (like flood, landslide) where we know the location of the place but don’t know number of people at that place
  3. Contact Information about the people along with personal details so to contact near-and-dear

Explore Outing addresses these issues with Mobile App –  

Safe & Secure Char-Dham Yatra

  • Stay Connected & Get Quick Help – When you use any of these apps ( GMVN App, Explore Outing App, Uttarakhand Tourism App (from Gabbit Systems), you remain connected with the system. In case of emergency, system is aware of your location and rescuers can reach you quickly.



  • char dham registrationChar Dham Registration from App – Using the app you can register for Char Dham. This allows state administration to keep a record of number of tourists, details, photograph and emergency contact number. Needless to say, these details are very important at the time of emergency.







By – Vipul Jain

Download any app from our family of apps for Char Dham Yatra guidance.

Char Dham Yatra & Uttarakhand Tourism App by GMVN

Char Dham Yatra & Uttarakhand Tourism App by GMVN

Uttarakhand Tourism and Char Dham Yatra App

Uttarakhand Tourism and Char Dham Yatra App

ExploreOuting-Uttarakhand Tourism, Char Dham Yatra

ExploreOuting-Uttarakhand Tourism, Char Dham Yatra







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