Nineteen kilometers downhill from the Gangotri glacier, there is a beautiful compact town inhabited by mere 600 people. The town of Gangotri is located in Uttarkashi district of the state of Uttarakhand. Away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolitan life, the life of the locals revolves around a temple originally built by the Gurkha general Amar Singh Thapa after he fought the British in the nineteenth century. Tourists will often come across Hindu sages wearing saffron clothes, mendicants sitting by the roadside for alms, and locals selling trinkets from makeshift tents. The air reverberates with chants of devotional songs. Tourism in Gangotri is flourishing, and people have erected double and triple storeyed houses to accommodate the multitude of visitors thronging to this holy place. The road is lined with eateries that serve strictly vegetarian food in reverence for the sanctity of this place. Your trip to Gangotri and Uttarkashi will give you some of your fondest memories. What might start as a religious holiday will went on to become one of the most rejuvenating experiences! At Uttarkashi and Gangotri, you will experience what you thought could only be found in exotic destinations or seen on travel channels. Upon reaching Uttarkashi, you can hear the Ganges roaring and lashing on the rocks. The white marble temple in Gangotri looks splendid in the background of the lofty green mountains and the majestic Ganges. In Gangotri, divinity is not just specific to the temple, the whole town exudes tranquility. Dnt forget to do trekking at Gomukh, the beginning point of the Gangotri glacier. River Bhagirathik to Gomukh is 19 km long with two stoppage points, namely Chirbasa and Bhojwasa on the way. Watch the pristine river pouring out of the snow-clad mountain and lashing on the smoothened yellow rocks will make your entire trip worth it.
Best Time To Visit Gangotri – Summers make the best time to visit Gangotri that starts from April till May before the onset of monsoon in June. The weather in summer is cool and winters are unbearably cold, with rains start from June onwards. The gates of Gangotri temple open during the start of summers. The temperature is pleasant staying up to 25°C maximum and can get very cold at night. This is the best season for pilgrimage and sightseeing trips.
Culture Of Gangotri – Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of the culture of Gangotri is the Kavad yatra. The journey is a fine specimen of how mythology and spirituality are entwined with physical fitness and a desire to explore.

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