Tal Chhapar - Black Buck Sanctuary Travel Guide

For wildlife enthusiasts the famous Black Buck Sanctuary holds great interest. The sanctuary is situated at 'Tal Chhapar', 85 Km from Churu in North-Western Rajasthan. This small patch of grassland boasts of a healthy population of the endangered black bucks, carefully preserved along with a high number of 'chinkara' (Indian Gazelle) and smaller mammals such as the desert fox. Initially Maharaja Gangasingh ji of Bikaner State had some Black Bucks brought from Himachal Pradesh for his shooting retreat where he entertained his royal guests. He also built a palace near the sanctuary for his sojourns. The sanctuary had royal protection, so the Black Bucks proliferated. Tal Chhapar was declared as a reserved area for the protection of wild animals and birds in the year 1962. The local people protect them from poachers. They also feed them during the harsh summer months when the grass is scarce. It lies on the way of the migratory pass of many birds and therefore it is also popular with bird lovers.





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