Himachal Pradesh Travel and Tourism Guide

Renowned as Deva Bhumi (the land of gods), Himachal Pradesh is a beautiful hill state situated in Northern India. Nestled in Western Himalyas with an area of 21,629 Sq M, the state is landlocked by Jammu and Kashmir on north, Punjab on west and south-west, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh on south, Uttarakhand on south-east and by Tibet, China on the east.

Beautiful landscapes having fresh water lakes, gushing rivers, snow capped mountains, flowers and fruits laden trees, glaring and colorful diversity of culture, arts, living style of people etc make Himachal Pradesh, a tourist's paradise.

The state is dominated by three main mountain ranges namely the Dhauladhar Range, Pir Pinjal Range and the Great Himalayan Range. Himachal Pradesh was accredited as a Union Territory in in 1950 and after the state of Himachal pradesh act in 1971, it was emerged as the 18th state of India.